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skipstrans Ltd.

Skipstrans is an Norwegian Ship Brooker Company with main purpose buy & sale of Cargo Ships, Fishing Vessels, Yacht, New builded Ships, Domestic & International. We also do buy & sale of other kind of vessels.


Phone: +47 21 68 00 33

Fax: +47 21 68 00 32

Mobile: +47 934 72 103

E-mail: terje@skipstrans.com

WEB Support: +47 99116116

Working Hours: Mon to Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm, Sat to Sun: 10:00am - 4:00pm

We have a staff of 14 full-time and we cover a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise.

Legal staff with backgrounds including banking and finance, and intentional shipbuilding contracts.

We want to fulfill the requirement to always give our customers what they want; safety, profitability, attention to service - also for trade monitoring of customers.

Excerpts from Norwegian Shipbroker Association "Code of broker practices" "Ship Broker shall seek to ensure their principals the best conditions. He will always be the principal best interest, and should not be deluded into action for its own sake profit if such action is not the best principal. He must consciously seek to avoid conflicts of interest. "

You give us a purchase contract, we do what we can to find suitable vessels for sale - new or used. All necessary and important data obtained for our customers to evaluate deals confidently.

We set high standards for ourselves when it comes to documentation in connection with a transaction, from Purchase Contract, various applications and to ensure that all documents issued, signed and registered in accordance with requirements of the authorities and funding sources involved.

We conduct market assessments of vessels for various clients at home and abroad. Be it shipping companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, police, lawyers, etc. The market for a vessel that can be known swing big, even over a short time.

We want to continue to be a serious and sought after player in our industry and contribute to the customers who together with us, want either to develop or phase out a project, you can get this done in an efficient, economic and legal safe and secure manner. All in collaboration and consultation with our government and acc. the prevailing regulations. Some are buying or selling a time in life, other performing these exercises several times a year. Some are "big" and some are "small". We want to be helpful and provide our services in different situations.

Trust is for us - as for our customers - mutual.

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Skipstrans Ltd.

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