By land
Skipstrans Ltd. kan påta seg transporter av store og små båter, vi har samarbeid med,
sailing-ships som har lang erfaring med levering av store skip over hele verden.
Skipstrans har også mer 20 års erfaring med transport av motorbåter frakt med trailere i Europa,

har du en båt som skal sendes til varmere strøk eller ha en båt til Norge kan vi være behjelpelig med tollpapirer og frakten.

By Sea
I believe I’m the one in Norway who has delivered most ships around the world.
From Spitsbergen in the North to the Philippines in the East, from the Cook Islands in the West to the Comores in the South.
All sorts of vessels from small sailing boats to the ancient cargo vessels and tankers.

Have a Norwegian Master Mariner certificate, (class 1) GMDSS and all what’s required for this license..
In addition sailing ship certificate with many years of experience from a tall ship (square sails) as well as ordinary fore-and- aft rigged vessels

All deliveries are carried out by myself with a crew.
Crew size and nationality varies with the mission.

Price depends on the vessel’s size (certificates) and condition.
as well as delivery route and time of year.
2 € per nm per person, as a thumb rule..
In addition: fuel, food, insurance, communications, port fees, and possible repairs underway, crew travels, etc.

By land move with trailer contact for further info skipstrans.

By sea move contact for further info  sailing ships.

Skipstrans har 2 stk, skip som skal til Norge April – Mai 2013 som har ledig plass til frakt av båter fra Spania, ta kontakt for pristilbud på frakt.

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